Office Ergonomics 101 Seminar Format

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Office & computer ergonomics seminar

  • Defining Ergonomics– analyzing the relationship between workplace environments and the physical capabilities of the worker.
  • Workforce Demographics the impact of age, stature, gender, working history, job demands, and the mature worker in the workforce.
  • Interrelation of Working Tools – developing healthy working habitscoordinates the worker’s physical and mental abilities, the work environment and technology components.
  • Good Workplace Ergonomics – providing comfortable workstations and seating creates healthy postures that minimize fatigue and maximize efficiency.
  • Poor Workplace Ergonomics – sustained poor postures and physical stressors lead to fatigue, discomfort, painand lowered productivity.
  • Solving Workplace Discomfort Issues4 Crucial Points for Workplace Set-up illustrate how to modify and adjust workstations, seating and technology components
  • Ergonomic Principles Review – healthy biomechanics, your intelligence, and safer working environments can work in harmony to bring sustained productivity results.

Atlanta Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist


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