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Current Ergonomic Principles encourage VARIETY, ADJUSTMENT, and MOVEMENT in the workplace…

Ergonomic Consultation Atlanta

Performance guidelines incorporate:

  • workplace equipment design
  • ergonomic product evaluations
  • installation feasibility analysis
  • employee training for change
  • improvement budget estimates

cessi : ergonomics Consulting has over 15 years of product development knowlege to make you successful at selecting the most beneficial workplace components for your facility.

We can create or recommend full-function ergonomic work environments that address specific task demands and are adaptable to serve the broadest range of human statures. People who can easily adjust their workplace components are more comfortable, more productive, and less prone to injuries.

Our professional consulting resources are prepared to support a facility expansion, retrofit, restacking, or upgrade project which integrates ergonomic components. Designing a safer work area incorporates interior design concepts with ergonomic considerations such as workplace function, work flow, facility environmental factors, anthropometrics of your workforce, and compliance with legislative requirements. The two disciplines can work together harmoniously.

Let us help you organize a program to analyze your employees’ comfort-index feedback during workplace product evaluations.

Ergonomic SpecialistWhen new workplace furniture is being considered for a facility, it is advisable to evaluate all of the proposed workplace components before they are ordered to confirm that your selection provides the comfort and adjustability your company expects to accommodate your work force. Too many of our clients have made furniture and equipment purchases based on design appeal, colors, and/or price that later created more workplace problems.

Custom Programs Developed Upon RequestAtlanta Ergonomics Training

Design Participants:
Interior Designers, Product Development Engineers, Procurement Management & Ergonomic Project Team Members

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