Office Ergonomics 101 Seminar

Atlanta Office Ergonomics, Ergonomic Assessment AtlantaLearning Office Ergonomics 101 basics will introduce you to neutral (stress free) working postures and appropriate work component placement as an introduction to the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace. Businesses are very wise to provide ergonomic training for their employees.  When people understand the association between discomfort in the workplace and the types of awkward body postures they assume to do their work, they feel empowered to make positive changes for their improved health.

Steps Involved:

  • Introduction to office ergonomic principles
  • Interrelation and placement of working tools
  • Benefits of good workplace ergonomics
  • Effects of poor workplace ergonomics
  • 4 crucial points for workplace set-up
  • Solutions to relieve workplace discomfort issues
  • Employee responsibility for personal working methods
CESSI Ergonomics, Ergonomic Products & Services, Atlanta, GA