Personal Protection Equipment for Office Environments

Ergonomic Consultation AtlantaIn industrial and manufacturing facilities Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required for all workers to use which aids in preventing injuries.  Office management employees may not be aware that there are ergonomic compliance standards for offices too. CESSI’s ergonomic consulting analysts can teach your company how they can provide workplace adjustability modifications in their offices to meet current ergonomic standards which result in enhanced employee comfort and safety.

Steps involved:

  • Ergonomics is both individual and application specific
  • Office ergonomics neutral working postures
  • Adjustments to accommodate a broad range of workers
  • 4 crucial points for workplace set-up
  • Identifying ergonomic risk factors in offices
  • Selection of ergonomic equipment modifications for workplace lay-outs
  • Providing ergonomic workplace and equipment training for employees

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