Managing an Ergonomics Committee

Ergonomic Evaluation Atlanta, Atlanta Office ErgonomicsManaging an ergonomics committee with key employees requires team-driven collaboration. Ergonomic standards and principles training is imperative for those who are selected to develop policies and procedures for their company. The ergonomic process isn’t only about identifying risks, it’s about making cost-effective improvements to the workplace that reduce injuries and improve productivity. The management committee represents the company’s commitment to address employees’ workplace concerns and challenges.

Steps involved:

  • Developing an ergonomic program customized for your business
  • Defining and communicating each committee member’s responsibilities
  • Gaining skills to recognize ergonomic risks in the workplace
  • Learning methods of workplace assessments and task analysis
  • Making reasonable accommodations to correct the workplace challenges
  • Selecting appropriate ergonomic equipment modifications
  • Evaluating the success of solving the workplace issues
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