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Atlanta Ergonomic Specialist, Atlanta Certified Ergonomic Assessment SpecialistDeveloping and managing a successful ergonomics program requires commitment from top level management to support an ergonomic culture for their company. Objectives and procedures should be clearly defined, understood and communicated. If companies have the foresight to implement ergonomic procedures effectively, a positive working model will evolve into a successful cost effective plan for health and safety throughout the company which results in a highly productive business.

Steps involved:

  • Developing commitment goals of management to its people
  • Managing and supporting a company promotion for a healthier workforce
  • Encouraging employee commitment through ergonomic education
  • Implementing audits and assessments to identify issues that need to be addressed
  • Measuring improvements in sustainable productivity gains
  • Appraising the reduction in workers compensation costs
  • Fostering change as business, technology and its people evolve

Atlanta Ergonomic Specialist, Atlanta Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

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