Your Chair May Be Affecting Your Health

Ergonomic Assessments Atlanta, ergonomic evaluation AtlantaA chair is the foundation of your comfort level in the work environment.

Your chair should fit your body as well as good supportive shoes fit your feet – especially when working long hours at the computer.  People perform better when they are comfortable.  Concentration levels are higher, tasks are completed more accurately, and people tend to develop a positive attitude about themselves and their work.  So, how do you know if your chair fits you correctly?

Current ergonomic chair standards have been established to provide guidelines for seating designs that accommodate and adjust to a wide variety of users’ stature. Many chairs are labeled “ergonomic” but provide very few adjustment capabilities and little contour support. An authentic ergonomic chair should include these comfort adjustments:

  • Back Rest Height and Angle
  • Height Adjustable Contoured Lumbar Support
  • Armrest Height, Pivot and Swivel
  • Seat Height and Tilt Adjustment
  • Seat Depth Adjustments

Take a look at your chair to see if it has the above adjustment capabilities.  It is important to also take a look at the size of your chair. Determine what size chair you need from the options below:

  • Big (over 300 lbs.) and Tall Statured People (over 6’ 2″) need chairs with larger seats and backs, stronger mechanisms and multiple fit for comfort adjustments.
  • Average Statured People (110-285 lbs. and 5’ 2″- 6′ 1″) need chairs with a standard seat size and back, standard mechanisms, and multiple fit for comfort adjustments.
  • Petite Statured People (under 110 lbs. and under 5’ 2″) need chairs with smaller seats, lighter mechanisms, and multiple fit for comfort adjustments.

If your chair is the right size and has “fit for comfort” adjustments, then please read more here about how to correctly adjust your chair and your other workstation equipment.

If your chair is too big, too small, or does not offer “fit to comfort” adjustment capabilities, then you may not be able to adjust the chair to fit YOUR particular needs.  Sustaining poor postures due to ill-fitting chairs for prolonged periods can result in physical stressors that lead to fatigue, discomfort, and possible injury. Pain drags your energy levels down and is nature’s way of warning you that something is wrong!

If you are considering a new office chair, we recommend that you evaluate a new ergonomic chair – BEFORE you buy it.  CESSI’s ergonomic professionals can help you identify your stature and physical needs, define requirements of your work and provide you with a demo/evaluation chair that correctly fits your body’s stature.

Ergonomic Assessments, Ergonomic Evaluation

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