Ergonomic Assessment: Properly Using Your Office’s Furniture

Ergonomic Assessment Atlanta, Ergonomic Assessments AtlantaThis unique seminar is created to address the specific type of office furniture, chairs and computer components your employees use daily.  The majority of your workforce are not sure how to adjust their chairs properly for their stature, arrange their workstations for immediate reach work zones or understand which levels are appropriate for keying, mousing and viewing the monitor. When workers understand the hows and whys of effective ergonomics, they can apply that posture and placement knowledge to improve their work day comfort and productivity.

Steps involved:

  • Neutral posture ergonomic training
  • Learning about the hows and whys of chair adjustments
  • Setting up your computer components on center-line
  • Principles of keying and mousing levels, placement and wrist support
  • Understanding how high and far your monitor should be placed for vision issues
  • Reference document placement and management
  • Benefits of good workplace ergonomics
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