Training Ergonomic Team Evaluators

Atlanta Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist, Atlanta Office ErgonomicsThis interactive program is designed to expand ergonomic knowledge and develop self-sufficient ergonomic team evaluators. All members of the team must have the education and training they need to successfully perform their responsibilities for the ergonomics process. Upon completion of this course, the evaluators will be able to conduct ergonomic assessments, employee educational sessions, implement corrective actions and provide a safer workplace environment. Participants learn to evaluate employees’ discomfort issues and provide follow-up result assessments.

Steps involved:

  • Performing a workplace assessment
  • Identifying at-risk awkward work postures
  • Evaluating workstation components, design and layout
  • Training employees about working in neutral postures
  • Recommending appropriate workplace equipment modifications
  • Measuring reduction of employees’ workplace issues
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