Management Team Seminars

Ergonomic Consultation AtlantaThis informative overview of Adaptive Ergonomics principles defines the benefits of a successful Ergonomic Intervention Process. Management seminars are designed to recruit a “team effort” attitude to support ergonomics from the executive level to the entire organization. Guidelines are designed specifically for your business, industry and facilities, and will outline successful, cost effective planning, and implementation of your company’s Ergonomics Process.

Learn about the successes and failures of leading Fortune 500 companies who have introduced ergonomic programs to their businesses. If companies have the foresight to implement ergonomic procedures effectively, a positive working model will develop. We can help you plan a clear road map as you evolve towards improving the health and safety of the work environment, and achieving a highly productive business.

Atlanta Ergonomics TrainingOn-Site Time Schedule: 1 Hour
Participants: Executives, Department Managers, CFO, HR, IMS, Safety Leaders

Atlanta Ergonomics Training, Ergonomic Consultation Atlanta

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