Step Two – Ergonomic Solutions Recommendations

During an audit or assessment, the consultant will demonstrate how changes in your posture can be beneficial and develop recommended ergonomic solutions for you to consider.

Improved posture can be often be achieved by repositioning desktop computer equipment to within the employees immediate reach zone. Sometimes ergonomic solutions may include equipment recommendations to allow the employee to achieve a more natural, stress free posture with improved body support while working.

CESSI’s ergonomic professionals may use many of the alternatives listed below to insure we achieve better working postures and improve comfort for your team members:

  1. Repositioning current office furniture components to minimize fatigue and repetitive strain
  2. Placing monitors and input devices at appropriate heights and within comfort reach of the employee.
  3. Adjusting office chairs to support the individual’s stature and provide better physical support.
  4. Recommending ergonomic solutions that provide a broader range of adjustablility to fit the employees
  5. Specifying unique equipment that can help workers who are left handed, have vision issues or other special needs
  6. Identifying sit-stand desk and treadmill technologies that provide mobility for workers and minimize static postures

In each case, our recommended ergonomic solutions are compliant with current ergonomic standards established by OSHA, and supported by BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufactures Association).

Cessi’s ergonomic equipment consultant can also help you evaluate and select the most beneficial components for your company. When ergonomic intervention are being considered, it is advisable to evaluate the proposed workplace components to confirm that your selection provides the best comfort and critical adjustment to accommodate the identified employee’s issues. Many of our clients have learned that selecting well tested and researched ergonomic solutions can deliver the results they demand.

Atlanta Office Ergonomics

People who have ergonomically designed furniture that is easily adjustable to their needs are more comfortable, more productive, have improved morale and are less prone to discomfort complaints and injuries.

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